Evolving Syllabus of CUBE: Map of topics discussed in connection with study

In syllabus we are taught topics as a collection in a relation under broader topic.
However in CUBE we have seen how different topics which may seem unrelated become connected to each other in the context of hands-on project and study being undertaken. This is a way how various seemingly unconnected topics become interconnected in a organic manner in real life practical biology while addressing scientific research questions.

These aspects of CUBE make it different from regular classroom practicals which are disconnected from real life practice in biology.
The experience shows ideas, topics and experiments evolve in relation to each other in an organic manner making every round of experience in same topic a unique authentic learning.

Here is an example of how different experiment based topics are discussed in connection with an exercise of Feeding milk to Moina…

The Map shows how various topics are organically connected in discussions in context of real experiment-based learning…

Most interesting part of it in Indian Science Education is that this breaks one of the entrenched traditions that @sakshiconsultant2002 and @Archita15 are Botany students and for long time involved very actively in studies using animal model systems like Moina and Hydra. @jaikishan @Smiti @KiranyadavR and others for this breaking away away from tradition. Kudos to @Sunita123

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