Example for Process of Science: Mango Mapping Study in Jalpaiguri done by 11th std Student

@Swaha collected data on mango trees, she is a 11th std student from Jalpaigiri, West Bengal. While going to school she observed and collected data on mango trees. She collected data of 72 trees out of which she found 47 were flowering, in the vicinity of 11 kms. Whereas, 25 trees were not flowering.

From this data, she has come up with hypothesis, that mango tress at lower latitude flower before higher latitude.
In Varkala for example it will be flowering first then Mumbai, followed by Delhi and West Bengal.

According to the data collected by cubists, in month of November in Varkala flowering starts first, @Swaha showed in February West Bengal mango trees start flowering, therefore in approx January, Mumbai must start flowering.

Further, according to the data, Kolkata mango trees were not flowering in last week of January, it started flowering on 1st week of February, according to latitudes, Patiala must start flowering in 3rd week of February.

Hypothesis built by @Swaha on the basis of collected data on Mango trees

Data of Mango trees collected by @Swaha

@Swaha collected a large samples of data and also built the hypothesis based on the data, with the help of which we can predict mango flowering. The study done by @Swaha is an example how science process is done.

From the data collected by @Swaha and @magpie we are more confident of mango flowering hypothesis which can be tested by more sample collection similar to what @Swaha has followed.