Experimental Research designs

We had a very intersting discussion on 13/08/2023

Starting with @⁨Amirtha CUBE⁩ 's Garden ,She currently interested to study the lifecycle of Butterflies .@⁨Divya cube⁩ Added the plants and butterflies that she observed in her Garden .

Host plant & nectar feeding plants of butterflies are very interesting area to pursue .We discussed about the importance of host plant ,why only butterflies choosing specific plants as host plants !?!

These are the plants that @divya observed in her Garden .

One of the common butterfly that @Divya familiar with was common mormon butterfly .

According to @⁨Divya cube⁩

Butterfly can lay egg on any plant .

@⁨Kiran di⁩ Asked a question that how do we prove this !!

For that @⁨Divya cube⁩ made a experimental setup .

Designing an experimental setup to find the importants of host plant .

She will collect 4 caterpillars from Curryleaf plant .

Will Keep those plants in a four different container with 4 different plant .

Curryleaf ,Phyllanthus ,Lemon &Tulsi respectively .

Her expectations:

Caterpillar will feed all 4 plants .

Why that !!!

@⁨Divya cube⁩ explained that those caterpillar want to survive ,Survival is essential for evolution . Which means any plant can be call it as host plant .Let’s perform this experiment & findout the relevance of Host plants in butterflies .

Evolution & Survival

Later @⁨Lakshmi Pj⁩ made a experimental setup to check whether all caterpillar from Curryleaf will become common mormon or not !

Setup :

*Will collect 10caterpillars from Curryleaf plant and keep it in 10 different containers .

Clean the container regularly and give fresh leaves everyday .

*That exactly matches to the experiment made by @⁨Sara Kalamudeen, TVM⁩ in her Homelab .

@⁨Sara Kalamudeen, TVM⁩ collected 10 caterpillars from Curryleaf plant and observed 4 forms of common mormon ,butterflies .1male & 3 forms of female .*

Let’s all search for caterpillars in Curryleaf plant &check what all butterfly choosing Curryleaf as a host plant ??? @⁨Lakshmi Pj⁩ @⁨Charvi DSC⁩ @⁨Divya cube⁩ @⁨Kiran di⁩ @⁨Amirtha CUBE⁩ @⁨Seema CUBE⁩ @⁨Shraddha⁩ @⁨shalinisharma⁩ & others

Cardamine : Seed germination study

How can we proceed with this Seed germination study in Our Homelab !!!

How can we break dormancy in seeds !!!

@⁨Abhijeet CUBE⁩ and other collaboraters from CUBE somaiya were made a seed germination study using Cardamine plants .

we are calculated the *percentage of germination of Cardamine seeds on CUBE Somaiya lab .*That is about 5%.

Experimental setup:

Three Petriplates will be prepared, each containing 20 seeds, using moist tissue paper. The seeds will be distributed as follows:

Petriplate A (Control):

20 seeds will be placed in moist tissue paper

They will be kept at room temperature (30°C) for 3 days

Petriplate B (Test 1 - Refrigerated):

20 seeds will be placed in moist tissue paper

They will be kept in a refrigerator (4°C) for 3 days

Petriplate C (Test 2 - Oven):

20 seeds will be placed in moist tissue paper

They will be kept in an oven at 40°C for 3 days

After the initial treatment, all three Petriplates will be transferred back to room temperature for germination.

Expectation :

Control (Petriplate A):

Expected germination rate: 5%

Test 1 (Petriplate B - Refrigerated):

Expected germination rate: 40%

Test 2 (Petriplate C - Oven):

Expected germination rate: 20%

How can we proceed this experiment .@⁨shalinisharma⁩ @⁨Charvi DSC⁩ @⁨Shraddha⁩ @⁨Sonal DSC⁩ & others .
Do we all have cardamine seeds !?
Where do we get this !?@⁨Shraddha⁩

Any suggestions @KiranyadavR @Arunan @shalinisharma98 @Shraddha276 & others