Exploring sound with DIY projects and activities (chatShaala)

Exploring sound with DIY projects and activities

This is a 4 session series of 90 mins spaced over a month in which we are going to discuss some of the foundational concepts around the theme - “Sound”. This topic is introduced in the middle schools science curriculum. (Grade 7-10). We will making some simple projects and activities using everyday, inexpensive materials and then try to unpack the phenomenas collectively.

Participants are expected to share their reflection, discoveries and queries after the weekly live discussion in the group. The live discussions will be recorded and will be available as Open Educational Resource as well as will be analysed for the educational research purpose.

This pilot is an action research project where the insights from the implementation will be useful for educators and researchers alike. The discussions will be driven by the participants’ curiosity hence there will be flexibility in the topics which we may uncover over the 4 sessions series. The participants are encouraged to initiate new thread on the platform and participate in conversation with the mentors.

Here is a tentative list of some projects which we will explore as part of the series

  1. Making simple flute
  2. Paper whistle
  3. Jal Tarang
  4. A simple model of stethoscope

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Tuesday

Dates: 29 Sep, 6 Oct, 13 Oct(got postponed)-> 19 Oct, 27 Oct (updated)

Link to join: here

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