Exploring Undergraduate Students Understanding of Experimental Design

We presented our work on students’ understanding of experimentation at the HBCSE ARM 2020.

We also plan to do a special presentation for CUBE students. Lets organize it!

Here is a brief summary of the work.

  • It is important to note that students have at least thought of designing of experiments as a crucial aspect in experimentation

  • Evenif some parameters were missed out in their drawings, these have been mentioned in their written responses

  • The present study has highlighted students’ difficulties with assigning variables, which is very crucial aspect in experimentation

  • Without a fair understanding of assigning variables for the experiments, students would be doing experiments in just a technical way

  • This disconnect seems apparent in understanding between the parameters that are part of research methodology course with the actual experimentation process that applies these parameters.

  • Even though the research methodology is a theory based course, it is difficult to make the connection unless there is a context of working on experimentation.

  • Nevertheless, CUBE lab provides an opportunity to do hands-on experimentation in the context of curriculum.

  • We need to reflect in ways the students will be prepared to achieve science process skills even when they are working on proto-research in a lab based environment.

We welcome discussion!


Hello,i would suggest demos of experiment and yeah handling the small experiment to the young students would be so valuable to them!!


CUBE Home Lab is what the cubists prescribe! CUBE HomeLab is a natural extension, during Lockdown times, of the CUBE Kitchen Labs started by Cubists in normal times all over the coubtry…Looking for @meena @mayur @aashutosh and others to comment on its role in understanding design of scientific experimentation as an extension of cooking…