Extraterrestrials Truth or just a Myth

Back after a long period of time, I am here to start new topic which is very unusual topic. Extraterrestrials :exploding_head: whenever I see the sky I think that is there any another planet like earth. Where life exist, In ancient world the people made drawings carvings of objects that come from the sky and showed them a right path to how to live, how to eat and gave them knowledge .

Here is an image of world `s oldest known civilizations called ‘The Sumerian civilization’ . As we can see in the image there is a person sitting on a chair who is much bigger in size then the people in the image. it can be clearly said that he is not an human.

Now let`s start the conversation on this topic. Here we can share some of the information about UFO sightings, extraterrestrials. What about @karnamdpdurga, @Arunan.


How did you jump to the conclusion that there is no artisitic licence in the image, ie the artists attempt to depict a larger than life personality.
The Sardar Vallabhai Patel statue is several 100 feet. Therefore a person 2000 years in the future should conclude that Sardar Patel is a giant alien?


The person in the image is not an ordinary person he is a Sumerian god. And the disc shown in the image is the way to contact with the god. The manuscripts of Sumerians state that these gods were not from earth they come from the star in the sky . So it clearly states that the Sumerian gods were extraterrestrials. Now watch the following video.


This is merely an assertion without an iota of evidence. I can claim that my pet cat is god and landed in a space craft on my terrace.
I have made thre statements, one about origin, the second about abilities and the third about an assumed existence of a god.
Without evidence of a space craft my first statement is unscientific gibberish.
Without the cat showing extraordinary abilities of cognition and abstarct thinking my second statement is unscientific gibberish.
My third implied statement about “god” has no evidence or definition at all and is rooted in my current cultural understanding of the term, which would have an utterly different meaning in another persons culture.
Now, a cat does show extraordinary motor and sensory abilities relative to us humans. But so does every other cat in the world. Some humans too show extraordinary abilities - Usain Bolt, Vishwanathan Anand, Lee Sedol, Albert Einstein, P Dirac, Alan Turing. The last person totally revlutionizing our abilitity to think about thinking machines. Does any of that allow us to make an inference about an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient creature of extraterristerial orgins?

The History channel video and the inferences does not stand the simpliest scientific or logical sctrutiny. Even as there are a thousand other simpler and mundane reasons to explain the larger than life engarvings and poetic licence in the text.

Here is a list of litreature, many made into movies, that make very entertaing fictional claims.

To draw an analogy with your opening statement assume I have Alice in Wonderland book and movie kept on my bookshelf. Someone 2000 years in the future digs out both. Voila “irrefutable evidence” in the form of text and a movie about talking cats and bunnies. Same goes for SiFi Books and movies, 2001 a Space oddesey, Close encounters of the third kind, Ex-Machina, Star wars, ET etc.