Fruit flies are not only remain as fruit flies....but by attracting on an egg shells, they are becoming an egg flies tooo!😳

Set ups done with different fruits for atrracting fruit flies from West bengal,Kerala,Maharashtra.

Objective- To study food preference test among fruit flies.

How do we smell food through our nose?

Do concentration of chemicals matters while smelling any food item?

Is there any role of diffusion while smelling food item?

what is a diffusion?

2 fruit flies attract on an egg shell. hence, Fruit flies are not only fruit flies…they are becoming an egg flies tooo. how fruit flies get attracted to an egg shell ?
Reference links shared during discussion-
Diffusion is the net movement of anything generally from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration Diffusion - Wikipedia

Jasmine lactone is a lactone and aroma compound with a powerful fatty-fruity peach and apricot flavor. Jasmine lactone - Wikipedia

This set up was kept on Kitchen floor to attract fruit flies. But none of fruit fly get attracted.
Whats wrong with set up?
How we can redesign a set up so, more number of fruit flies get attracts?

Other than fruit flies, we discussed about Psyche butterflies.
I (@Shraddha276) Observed two different coloured pupa on day of formation of pupa of same butterflies .

Why two different colour pupa formation take plae in pupa of same butterflies? How we can solve this question on an interesting observations?