Fruit flies trapped with Banana peel

Fruit flies trapped with Banana peel

Fruit flies trapped in.bottles with banana peel


@Lydia please share some details about fruit flies trapped by you?
How easy or difficult is it to get fruit flies?


Sorry for replying late
Fruit flies are easily found or seen in a large number during the rainy season…!!
To trap them is easy…
Depends on how you keep the trap…

So first of all you need to take a dry, clean plastic bottle.

Add some banana peels and some banana pieces. Or you can even add some vegetables which are rotten.

After adding the banana peels or pieces…wipe the mouth of the bottle so that nothing sticks at the mouth of the bottle.

Then keep it in an area where you see or find the flies more…

Not that difficult…its just simple…
Anyone can do this.

Once you get enough flies inside the bottle…close the bottle with a cotton plug…

If you don’t have a cotton plug…Because I didn’t have a cotton plug at my home once when I trapped the flies…you can close the mouth of the bottle with a paper or a cloth…

It’s simple…:innocent:


Great reporting of steps involved.

Can you also post some pictures of your traps, prepared by following these steps? @Lydia

Also it would be great if you have a video of trapping fruit flies as it can be followed by watching the video by anyone.


Ok…so this is a video of the trap made by one of our cubists from kerala… @Abhishek


@Lydia why not invite Abhishek on STEM Games and tell him to write a story of his work here!


A good presentation, unfortunately the end result is missing! Can we make a fresh one?


Yes @lydia, this can be developed as an item in the e-Book on fruitfly Model system and let’s build from here @jaikishan URGENT

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@Lydia @jaikishan @mayur @Aashu @Akshitha @Abhishek_Cube @nagarjunag @ravi31 @KiranyadavR … Can we start compiling from such items fordraft e-Book on Fruitfly as Model System?


@Lydia @jaikishan Let’s curate such items in one place as a preliminary draft on Fruitfly e-Book. URGENT!

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