Fruit Fly: Cube Home Lab Model Organism

Fruit Fly: Cube Home Lab Model Organism

Fruit Flies as the name indicates fruit & flies, they are like a little flies(Even though it’s a small fly but it has won seven Nobel prizes & has been considered as a model organism) which loves fruity smell and it will always be found around things like fruit or fruity fragrances.

Where these flies can be found?
How to identify a fly,how to differentiate fruit flies from other flies ?
How to trap fruit flies? what are the things to be required to trap them? where to set the trap?
Circadian study? using open bait,
what are our results?
Trapping of fruit flies.
Home made culture media to culture trapped fruit flies.

6 Nobel Prizes for “Physiology or Medicine” to 10 scientists for ground-breaking work in Drosophila :

Ref: Why fly? | droso4schools
Above is the list of Six Nobel Prizes that are granted to Drosophila melanogaster

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Answers to most of your questions :point_down:t6:

What is the correct number?


Clearly, that’s a math problem, not one for biologists. :thinking:

But the topic itself opens up new possibilities around the old conundrum, about why somebody throws a packet of butter out of the window.

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