Fruit fly to White fly and Courtship Behavior in flies

Today we got an interesting question on how to study life cycle of a white fly. The photo of fruit fly egg was found, which has body plan of fruit fly, which it will follow after hatching from the egg.

Will White Fly follow the same after getting hatched? What is life cycle of a fruit fly? How we can compare it with life cycle of white fly? These are the questions which came up.

Comparing the life cycle of fruit fly life cycle and white fly life cycle will help us to not only understand mechanisms behind life cycle, and how it differs from one to another insect?

We further went to search about life cycle of fruit fly, and found a male with wide opened wings behind a female, the discussion was connected with courtship behavior.
@Smiti explained how in her fruit fly cultures she observed male fruit fly behind female fruit fly. The question about who courts whom? either male fruit fly courts female or a female fruit fly courts male?
It will be interesting to observe courtship behavior in fruit fly cultures.

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