Fruit fly updates : Rechel's Homelab , Morabadi, Ranchi

Fruit fly culture History

1.) Trap kept on 09/03/2021 ( bait:chiku peel and grapes)

2.) Trapped 4 fruit flies on 11/03/2021

3.) Prepared TRSV medium on 11/03/2021

4.) transferred 2 fruit flies in TRSV medium bottle ( labbeled RF-II) on 13/03/2021

5.) Made sub culture RF-II(a) transferred 4 fruit flies on 06/05/2021. (Media date:05/05/2021)

6.) RF-II(a) was only opened to make subculture .

7.) For Subculture RF-II(b) media prepared on 06/06/2021 and transferred 10 to 15 fruit flies on 19/06/2021.

8.) Transferred fruit flies from RF-II(b) into two TRSV culture bottles i.e RF-II (c) & RF-II (c’)
Goofup : the transfer date and media date is unknown as I didn’t mention in log book.

9.) Made subculture RF-II (d) from RF-II (c). Transferred ~20 fruit flies.
Transfer date: 10/09/2021
Media date : 05/09/2021

**Objectives **
1.To maintain the fruit fly culture.
2.To identify the native fruit fly.

Current update
Date 05/12/2021

Currently having one fruit fly culture. RF-II(d).
There are only 3 fruit flies left.

To prepare TRSV MEDIA ( TOMATO RAVA SUGAR VINEGAR MEDIA) for transferring these fruit flies.

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