Fruitfly - CUBE National Meet 2022

If you have been seeing small flies in your kitchen, hovering over rot food or fermenting fruits; they are probably fruit flies. Fruit flies are insects of about 3mm in length, having a rounded head with 2 large, red compound eyes and a pair of antenna. Like other insects they have 3 pairs of legs and a common fruit fly also has a pair of wings or 2 wings. Here females are slightly larger than the male.

Wanna know an interesting thing about them? A well known species of fruit fly that is Drosophila melanogaster has won 6 noble prizes!

But why? What is so special about them?
Well, their short lifespan is tractable to observe changes and mutations that can occur between birth and death which is a main reason why CUBist are using fruit fly as a model system. Also fruit flies and humans share 75% of those genes which cause disease like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, etc. Plus point, they are available all year in every part of the world also it’s easy to trap and culture them

So now you know why we choose fruit fly as a model system but for doing such studies we first need to trap fruit flies, how do we do that?
Let’s ask @srujal23081 to help us here
For trapping the flies we have to use a Bait to trap them
Bait as Tomato, Banana, Mango or any other fruit of your choice…
You can put the bait in 500ml bottle and or you can put bait in the plate to attract the flies
If the flies are attracted to the bait in the plate put slowly inverted 500 ml bottle on the top of bait the flies will automatically move inside the bottle …

These are the photos and video of the bottle where the flies are attracted…

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