FusionToFission: botpro

Idea is to create a bot pro that is the fusion of a instrument and a machine which can make work more efficient and faster by performing discrete functions and making it a better solution for a problem.

Say instrument is a DRONE and machine is a ROBOT.

Stealthiness of drone and energy of a robot.

Marriyng both and applying it for various applications.

One application illustrated below:



Firstly, the bot pro senses the location of the accident.

Secondly, takes the picture of the that

particular area and notes the exact location.

Thirdly, analyzes the condition of the patient(s).

Fourth, provides first aid.

Fourth, alerts the nearest hospital with the location and condition.


Accidents taking place mainly on highways with no nearby villages or hospitals. Sensors can be placed along the roadway. As the accident occurs the sensors sense it and forward the message signal to the particular place where the bot pro is placed safely. As the message reaches there, the machine reaches that place and does the work as mentioned earlier. The hospital working with this technology gets

the immediate alert and ambulance etc…facility reaches the destination with no delay.


  1. how the sensors will be able to detect that the accident has occurred?

_fludity of blood?

_color of blood?

_sound of collision of vehicles?


  1. Sensors has a maximum range of 70ft or 20m. Instead of placing sensors at every 20m, what else can be the solution?

  2. Idea is not that feasible. How to make it feasible?


This seems interesting and there is a need for such a system too!

Responding to one of the
question that “how will the sensors detect the accident?”, a response to this can be that if the vehicles are overspeeding, then the sensors can increase the alertness of the sensors deployed at a further distance. At the same time we can deploy the sensors that detect the loud intensity of the collision of the vehicles.


Would it be far cheaoer and easier to deploy a sensor in the vehicle?
Since every accident is the result of sharp acceleration /deceleration / reorientation, we have a set of parameters that can be detected.
What sensor(s) would be capable of measuring the above parameters?


Agreed @jtd
Most of the vehicles have airbags in them. How about associating a sensor with airbags?
And a sensor associated with the part of the vehicle having the first point of impact!
Most probably the front-end of the vehicle.

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Sir, actually the sensors are not deployed in the vehicle but along the sides of the road/highways etc…

Similarly, like the fusion of drone and robot, there has to have a fusion of sensors. Because every sensor has some specific function or related.

As @drishtantmkawale suggested,

So for this,

ultrasonic sensor can be one of them…it measures distance as well as velocity of an object and sound waves with frequency greater than that of the human audible range.

But of course only ultrasonic can’t solve the purpose.



Senors are deployed along the road/highways.
As I mentioned that the series of sensors will transmit the detected signal to the bot pro thing.

Even this is not that feasible, so deploying it in every vehicle will obviously not go.

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Why should fusion of sensors be exclusive to only a road deployment?


I recently saw in a Telugu movie (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chitralahari_(film)), around the same idea! Surprisingly for a movie, they went to some details of the design itself. Initially using the mobile phone-based sensors and application, the lead actor refines it through the film for better implementation and gets stuck in some legal issues. The final product used a sim operated device attached to the car, which alarms the local hospitals and police at an event of an accident. I assume, even there, it senses acceleration related parameters!