Galaxy: An open-source, web-based platform for computational biology research

Analysis of large nucleotide sequencing datasets is a major component of many research studies biology. To critically analyze the information obtained from nucleotide sequencing data, researchers need to use complex computational tools and techniques. Further, typical desktop or laptop computers often struggle to perform intricate calculations on such large datasets, and scientists must rely on specially designed computer systems to successfully execute these calculations. Therefore, even though the cost of generating nucleotide sequences have fallen, effective analysis of nucleotide data is a significant obstacle in life science research.

To address these barriers and simplify the process of nucleotide analysis for biologists, multiple research groups collaboratively developed the Galaxy project ( Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform that hosts an array of popular bioinformatic tools which enables users to easily retrieve and analyze large amounts of nucleotide data. Anyone can learn to use Galaxy and analyze sequence data by going through the short video tutorials available on this web-portal:

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and explore the world :grinning:

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