Genetic Engineering in Cotton Plant (BT-Cotton)

Bacteria have chromosomal material as well as extrachromosomal material called as plasmid.
@Enas explained that Cry gene is present in Bacillus thuringenesis bacteria, it is a gene which produces toxin, this gene is normally taken and incorporated in plasmid which acts as a vector and is transfered to cotton plant to create genetically modified BT-Cotton plant.
Today we discussed how this gene transfer takes place and how it can kill ballworm which infects cotton plant.

The toxin is activated in the gut of ballworm insect once it eats BT-cotton to kill the insect and prevent plant pest infection.

We discussed how Cardamine can be used in place of Cotton to transfer the gene to it.
Floral dip method is an alternative to plasmid vector driven gene transfer, when the Genetic material is transfered by diping the floral bud into genetic material hence transferring the desired gene to the buds of Cardamine plant.

The question was can we transfer the genetic material into Cardamine plant similar to BT-Cotton?