Genome Analysis- DNA Extraction and RAPD Analysis

The difference between animal and bacterial cell was discussed, @Ichha explained about extracting DNA from bacterial cell, for performing Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) inorder to increase the copy of DNA and perform RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) where DNA is amplified at random sites to observe patter on gel electrophoresis, the discussion took place in the context of the paper which is about SCAR markers to do genomic analysis and DNA fingerprinting and identification of genes/species.

The question came is it possible to extract DNA also from animal cells, @Ichha said no it depends upon membrane of organism. But then it was said that there is no cell wall in animals, and bacterial cell membrane is similar to animal cell membrane made up of lipid bilayer. SDS chemical will digest and dissolve lipid bilayer membrane, easily in moina also and it will also be possible to extract moina DNA using same SDS+NaOH chemicals.

The abstract of the paper was read inorder to understand how the SCAR markers can help to perform RAPD analysis.