Germination of 1 year old cardamine seeds

Yesterday in Somaiya CUBE LAB we also found a tube containing cardamine seeds😃. These seeds were collected around February 2022 from my Homelab after my cardamine plants were infested by Aphids. The seeds have turned black in colour. Do you think they will germinate?

I counted so there are approximately 200 seeds. I’m saying approximately because it was very tedious to keep the count while counting.

I have a photo of the cardamine plant infested with aphids i will share them.

I’m sure that these seeds were collected from aphids infested plants in February 2022.

I initially got cardamine plant from HBCSE, Mankhurd with the help of Kiran.

This is a video taken on 7th February 2022. We can see the yellowish green color aphids on the cardamine plant stem. 7th February 2022. Cube Homelab Ulwe Navi Mumbai, Video AbhijeetSingh.

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I didn’t mean to put that in front of us as a doubt but as a very valid question that anyone will have.

The seeds have been stored for more than 1 year ( though i don’t have concrete proof of that because I didn’t click photos after collecting the seeds) so if we put them in soil then will it germinate or not?

I want everyone to put their views in this so that we will together design an experiment and test it out if these seeds germinate.

Let’s initiate a discussion on seeds germination to test whether 1 year old seed will germinate or not.

Conversation on Context 2 Curriculum whatsapp group:-

[06/06, 3:43 pm] Chitralekha Ma’am Cube: May be you should try to germinate a few seeds on moist cotton or filter paper and see. One set of seeds can be given cold treatment (often required for germination of Cardamine seeds) by placing the seeds on moist cotton/paper in refrigerator for 3 days.
[06/06, 3:47 pm] Himanshu CUBE: Great intresting query…
How many one year old Cardamine seeds you have right now?

Can we plan seed germination experiment with proper duplicates/triplicates to prove or disprove the uncertainty hypothesis of Abhijeet here?
[06/06, 4:08 pm] Abhijeet Singh: Okay. So like i should take a paper or a cotton cloth. Spread some 10 seeds and moist the cloth and cover the seeds by folding from one side of the cloth?
[06/06, 4:13 pm] Abhijeet Singh: I have around 200 seeds with me.
[06/06, 4:15 pm] Abhijeet Singh: But why paper or cloth why not soil?
[06/06, 4:29 pm] Chitralekha Ma’am Cube: Experiment with only half the seeds, save the other half in case you have to repeat the experiment.
Take a plate/ petridish, place paper or cotton on it, moisten with water, place seeds (5-10) on it.
If have enough seeds, make 4 sets , two sets with cold treatment and two without cold treatment.
For cold treatment- place the sets inside refrigerator for 3 days first and then transfer to room temperature.
Don’t let the seeds dry at any stage.

What is the original color of cardemine seeds?