Germination of Cardamine seeds in different concentration of Kanamycin antibiotic: a collaborative study

Collaborative study enable us to understand the effect on germination of Normal(non-transformed ) Cardamine seed in media(Tap water) containing different concentration of Kanamycin antibiotic, what is story behind the collaboration?..

Cubists from Ranchi have already performed floral dip method but this was done before the lockdown and they couldn’t continue as they did not have non-transformed seeds)Control) on the other hand cubist from Mumbai have found Cardamine plants growing in Garden and performed control set up during the lockdown to find out the effect of kanamycin which is an antibiotic that’s it should kill bacteria and cardamine is a plant an Eukaryote.

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Why Kanamycin??
Why Cardamine seeds?
How do we get Cardamine seeds?
How does kanamycin affects?
What’s the mode of action of Kanamycin on Bacterial cells?
How were the concentration of kanamycin prepared?
What was the Hypothesis?
What did we Expect?
What’s the Floral Dip method?

Some whiteboard screenshots of CUBE chatShaala just to give a glimpse that how this has been constructed–


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