Getting Hypoxia Condition in Moinas

Getting Hypoxia Condition in Moinas

CUBE Ranchi Ranchi CUBists are have started experimenting on Moina however since i have issues on my whatsapp app which frequently crashes after 3-5 seconds, i am bound to post the update that was supposed to be posted on whatsapp.

June 28, 2020

To get hypoxic condition in Moina .
To study epigenetics .

On 27th June I prepared 9 cups(6 test, 3 control), transferred 10 moinas in each of these 200 mL RO water cups.
Separated these cups as Test cups- 3D1, 3D2, , 4D1, 4D2, 5D1, 5D2 and Control cups- 3DC, 4DC, 5DC
Milk feeding- 3 drops, 4 drops and 5 drops in 3D(test) ,4D(test) and 5D(test) cups respectively and 1 drop in each control cup
Feeding time : daily around 9 pm

Activity done on June 28
fed the moinas that were not fed since the preparation of the cups. feeding video


  • hope the moinas survive

@manmasih, what is happening with your Moina?