Getting Hypoxia Condition in Moinas

CUBE Ranchi Ranchi CUBists are have started experimenting on Moina however since i have issues on my whatsapp app which frequently crashes after 3-5 seconds, i am bound to post the update that was supposed to be posted on whatsapp.

June 28, 2020

To get hypoxic condition in Moina .
To study epigenetics .

On 27th June I prepared 9 cups(6 test, 3 control), transferred 10 moinas in each of these 200 mL RO water cups.
Separated these cups as Test cups- 3D1, 3D2, , 4D1, 4D2, 5D1, 5D2 and Control cups- 3DC, 4DC, 5DC
Milk feeding- 3 drops, 4 drops and 5 drops in 3D(test) ,4D(test) and 5D(test) cups respectively and 1 drop in each control cup
Feeding time : daily around 9 pm

Activity done on June 28
fed the moinas that were not fed since the preparation of the cups. feeding video


  • hope the moinas survive

@manmasih, what is happening with your Moina?


Sorry for not updating the follow up.
All moinas in the test cultures were dead till the next very day. According to @drishtantmkawale the amount of milk was too much for the moinas at first encounter and thus the milk drops should be increased gradually . CUBE Ranchi and CUBE Mumbai along with other centers are planning to repeat the experiment but this time with more people. CUBE Ranchi is planning to this when we have distributed moinas among @Ram, Sweta, @Manjuel and me . We will restart again but starting with a lower amount(drops) of milk.


@manmasih, great to hear back and that you are going to restart! And sad that the Moinas were dead!

Let’s do a postmortem! :thinking:

  1. As @drishtantmkawale told you, the amount of milk was too much and that led to moinas dying!
  2. Why is it so? What do you think would have actually killed the moinas?
  3. If milk is the culprit, then we need to be particular about, how much of the milk we add! Can you post an image of any record of how much milk you added earlier? And may be we will identify a good range for our purposes moving ahead!

Eagerly waiting to unravel the mystery! :grin: :grin:



more amount of milk will accumulate more number of bacteria which would result in more oxygen consumption that is present in the moina water, ultimately killing all the moinas


Tell us your plan.
How are you going to proceed further?

Tell us more about the goof ups that you made!

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Is there any way we can measure decrease in oxygen in the medium?