Google's new tracking system being tested

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:+1: :+1:Good read, this!

The dreadful statement :point_up_2:

I was unaware that something like this even exists!
Anyways, what do the proprietary software companies (such as the one mentioned in the article) aim at, while handling a user’s browsing data apart from improving the so-called browsing experience (by giving suggestions and all)?

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It is being tested, it hasn’t been rolled out yet. As it mentions, google is testing it on specific users.

Limitless profit, with disregard to everything else. The goal is to do this without startling the users

so-called “browsing experience” is just a euphemism for privacy violation by tracking users across web


Google is doing this in a not-so sneaky way, by making google websites like meet and youtube not fully compatible with non-chromium browsers. (only firefox and safari left at this point). Sometimes new implementations are rolled out to break things even on chromium browsers other than chrome

Also effectively neutering privacy-enhancing extensions like uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger

I have posted an article by developers of uBlock