" Worldwide, 3 million deaths every year result from harmful use of alcohol, this represent 5.3 % of all deaths { Alcohol } "

All happened Because of Bad Habits

Habit , It’s Something You do Very often , But There are Rights and Wrongs In these too . Bad Habit Can Ruin Your Life , While a Good habit Can Give u a better Life .

Let’s See , What’s Going In Your Brain , When You are Practice a Bad Habit

Let’s Say U downloaded PUBG Mobile , When U will play , You will Be attracted By the Designs , The Craze , So will Play , achieve Awards In the game . U will Be happy When u achieve Awards Like this .
Then u will Play More Next Day , Thus , It will Become Your routine , So after A long time like this , You Are Addicted , If You Play more in This Stage , U go Uncontrollable .

Did You saw The pattern , Let Me Explain What Happened ,
There are 2 Main Chemicals In Mind Responsible For Pleasure And Happiness . Dopamine And Endorphins . This chemical Is released Alot while playing Pubg . So known Bad Habits Is also Called For giving Instant Pleasure . So this Becomes A Cycle , A Loop Cycle , The more U practice , The More Stronger The Loop Circle Gets . The loop Cicle has 3 things :
There is a Small Trigger like A Thought , Time , Notification , Etc . And it Triggers You To Do that Thing , And When u Do That Daily , It becomes Routine , And in The Process The Pleasure And Happiness Is Your Reward . This Is what Happens During The Habit .
Just Imagine , Habit As a Tree , The more u Get into That Habit , The More The Tree Grows , When It Grows Very Poweful and Long It traps you Into the Branches , And is very Difficult to Cut , When U are not much Into The habit , It is still Just a Small Sapling , U can Still Cut That Sapling Of Bad Habits ,

But Always Remember , It is Difficut To Cut , Not Impossible , There are Many People Who are free from their Habits Of Consuming Alcohol And Drugs Are One of the Worst Habits And the most Difficult To leave ,

If u want to Leave A Habit , U will Have to Cut The loop Tree which forces and triggers you to do it , Whenever You Feel To do It , It is The trigger , and U can Replace A Bad Habit By a Good habit , It will Give U More happiness , Build your personality and Give u a better life , Hope this Was Helpful . Relapse also occur but habits cannot be remoed in one day only . You don’t lose all ur progress when ur relapse.