Haemoglobin Gene Expression Discussion

Students discussing how a gene will be responsible for haemoglobin expression. The process shown is that the gene will open up and a opposite strand to the upper strand will be formed, known as mRNA.
@Smiti explained that one gene will be expressed in moina under good oxygen levels, and when the oxygen levels go down, further 3 more additional genes will express.
@Seema explained that in this process the enzyme RNA polymerase will be playing role to copy the template strand. She also explained that this RNA polymerase is DNA dependent RNA polymerase, which will bind the promoter, and then it will pick up complementary nucleotides to the upper template strand of DNA.

@Himanshu asked the question from where does the raw material for this mRNA coming, from nucleus or cytoplasm? @Seema explained these raw material nucleotides come from nucleus, and with the help of RNA polymerase they form mRNA.

@Rachel added the point that the nucleotides come from the pool of dead cells, which are taken up by living cells. The difference between ribose sugar and deoxyribose sugar in nucleotides, was discussed and the discussion came to agree upon RNA polymerase picks up ribonucleotides.

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Not just students, @jaives, but many others including teachers and researchers were part of the discussion.