Haemoglobin study in Water Flea

Haemoglobin study in Water Flea

Water flea is a crab-like organism which can be found in any pond water

Can we find water flea from our immediate environment?

What could it be eating in Pond?

Can you enlist certain organisms, which are commonly found in a pond, in the reply section which can be feed for Water flea?

Can we simulate pond environment in your bottle, by providing exactly that food to water flea, in order to grow it? Please suggest your ideas in the comment section about how we can culture water flea in a bottle?

Video of water flea in bottle:

Video of water flea laying progenies:

Water flea turns red when oxygen level is reduced in environment. This is because of excess of haemoglobin which it produces in order to survive in low oxygen conditions.

Picture of Red Water flea:

Can we design an experiment to turn water flea red? How can we reduce oxygen level?
Please suggest some ways in reply section below inorder to reduce the oxgen level for water flea to produce more haemoglobin and turn red in color?

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