High Altitude, Haemoglobin Expression, Epigenetics & Cancer

The discussion took place about Moina turning red in low oxygen conditions. @sakshiconsultant2002 explained how people living at high altitude appear red because at high altitude there is low pressure that is the reason oxygen availability is low, hence they also produce more amount of hemoglobin.
The discussion went on to Epigenetics as @PChitralekha introduced what does epigenetics is in connection to the gene regulations which are above the DNA sequence, such as methylation and acetylation. If these markers attach to DNA, the genes either get switched on or they switch off, depending upon which it can affect hemoglobin expression levels.

What is Epigenetics? | CDC.

It was further discussed that can an environmental change affect epigenetic markers in Moina?
Can we study epigenetics in hemoglobin expression in Moina?

It was discussed if we can check if Moina can remain red even in more oxygen concentrations, and what about its progenies, can their progenies also are born red, this would help us to understand if the epigenetic marks can be inherited in Moina.

Moina as a model for Epigenetics explained with Moina turning red colour in the following image:

In the same connection, examples of Breast cancer was given where there is role of epigenetics in promoting or reducing cancer cell proliferation.