Homemade 3D Hologram

Homemade 3D Hologram

Today I am back with another homemade project. As I post my project after too much time because I am very confused that what should I make. But today I decided to make a 3D Hologram .
So, the things that required are ;
1old cardboard box, pencil, scale , cellotape, graph paper, mobile phone, cutter or knife, file cover.

S1>First of all, take the graph paper and draw a trapezium of measure 1cm, 3.5cm and 6cm.

S2> Take the file cover and cut it as same as the trapezium draw on graph paper.we need four sets of trapezium . Take all the four trapeziums and joined them with the help of cellotape.

S3> After that take a box and make a hole in the front side. So that you can see inside the box.


S4> Now put the mobile phone inside the box and start a 3D hologram video .Put the trapezium figure on the phone .Then cover the box . Then , you can see the 3D pictures inside the box through a hole.You can also see some videos given below.


Hope you will enjoy and try it in your home.ThankYou.