How Air mass occurs change in our daily life?

I am with a simple experiment today!`

Things we need-:


Beaker with water (I am taking 200ml of water)

Beaker with no water

  1. Put the funnel on the mouth of beaker with leaving no space on sides. Now start putting water in the beaker through funnel

    Results :point_down::point_down:
    It taken 9.89 seconds to move 200ml of water

  2. But now put it like this :point_down::point_down:

    Results :point_down::point_down:
    In this case it taken 6.86 seconds to move 200ml of water.

Now let’s see how it happens

Case 1 :point_down:
InkedIMG_20211114_124947_LI inked
There is only one hole for both things which are air going out and water coming in. Air is coming out then Water is going in from same hole.

But in Case 2 :point_down:
InkedIMG_20211114_125006_LI inked
Water goes inside the beaker first (through funnel) then water throws Air out, the air comes out from sides.

It caused difference of 30% of time (approximately)

Thank You :slightly_smiling_face: