How an electric bell works

Hi friends ,today i am going to tell you how an electric bell works so lets start.

We are quite familiar with an electric bell . It has a electromagnet in it .An electromagnet is a magnet which uses electricity to attract iron , when electricity is passed through an metal all the electrons begin to flow in same direction and it attracts iron.

An electric bell has a coil of wire that acts like a electromagnet . An iron strip with a hammer at one end is kept close to the electromagnet .There is a contact screw near the iron strip. when the iron strip is in contact with the screw ,the current flows through the coil which becomes a electromagnet . It then pulls the iron strip .In the process, the hammer at the end of the strip strikes the gong of the bell to produce a sound .However when the electromagnet pulls the iron strip , it also breaks the circuit , the current through the coil stops flowing .
The coil is no longer an electromagnet .It no longer attracts the iron strip .The iron strip comes back to its original position and touches the contact screw again. This completes the circuit the current flows in the coil and the hammer strikes the gong again. this process is repeated in quick succesion . The hammer strikes the gong every time when circuit completed. This is how bell ring .