How can we isolate Sleep Mutants?

@_Seema_11 explained about activity pattern of fruitflies. The fruit flies are found to be most active at 5pm and least active at around 12am. The graph is based on data collected on 5th and 6th Sep, 2021. In the graph it can be seen that there are some flies which are active still at 12am in night. The question came can they be sleep mutants by trapping flies in night? As these flies are still awake and active at 12am, which indicates they may be flies which are having mutation which may have changed their sleep-wake and activity patterns.
Question was asked how can we isolate mutant flies? Nellore cubists like @Gayatri @Lahari from DKW Nellore were asked to join in and collaborate in the experiment.

Why do we have these mutants? Where the mutation might have taken place in these mutant flies?

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