How do butterflies sense plant chemicals?

Some questions were asked why do the butterflies are attracted to specific plants such as Common mormon is attracted towards Lemon plant leaves. @Charvi asked we will need to find out specfic chemical towards which butterflies are attracted. Currently cubists have observed that female butterfly is attracted to it. @Theertha asked how the butterflies senses plants? @ganga answered the butterflies have some chemoreceptors on their antenae, the chemicals bind to theese chemorece[tors. Receptors are also present on probosis, leg parts, ovipositor, and antennae, these organs are used by butterflies to sense the plant chemicals.

Antennae has the olfactory receptors sensing chemicals in the air.
However, the others can be taste receptors.

We also discussed a research question, can we train the butterfly to hate the chemical which it loved?
@ganga said, can we change the innate behavior of butterfly?