How do we gain energy after eating?

During CUBE Chatshaala discussion we discussed on how to make toddy from coconut water?

How toddy formed which are processes take place while fermentation of Coconut water.
Coconut water is sweet in taste so, it’s having glucose.

Glucose is a 6 carbon compound which breakdown into 2mol.of 3C pyruvate through glycolysis ( breakdown of glucose)

Glycolysis is oxidation process because glucose is loosing it’s electrons which accepted by NAD so, NAD becomes NADH.
The end products of glycolysis are 2 ATP+ 2NADH + 2 mol of pyruvate (3C).

Now, pyruvate (3C) breakdown into acetyl co- A (2C) + NADH, here also oxidation reaction taking place.

Once acetyl co-A formed it enters into kreb cycle by interacting with oxaloacetic acid(4C) and produced Citrate (6 C)- first stable product of kreb cycle.
Series of reactions are occurring in a cyclic manner in a such a way that last product of reaction will again enter with first substrate so, we called it’s as a cycle.

Other name of kreb cycle is Tricarboxylic acid cycle, because products like Citrate, Isocitrate, aconitase are having 3 corboxylic (COOH) grps.

Final, end products of kreb cycle is ATP + NADH + FADH2 + CO2 & H2O.

After kreb cycle electrons passed through ETS(Electron transport system) where, first NADHH and FADH2 get reduced & acts as electron transporter, Which pass H+ as source of electrons and formed proton gradients.

At the end of ETS, two molecules of H+ reacts with 1/2 mol. Of Oxygen and formed water.

:sweat_drops:During water formation, H+ is having high reducing energy which get reduced till lower reducing energy of Oxygen, which responsible for proton gradient and ATP formation.
Hence, respiration is oxidoreduction process where one molecule get oxidezed and another get reduced.

TINKE Moment :thinking: :thinking:
Why only glucose is utilize but not CO2 OR H2O, as a souece of an energy??
What do you think?? please post your comments here.

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