How does Money Plant grow at home?

How is Money Plant growing at home?
This is a plant which is commonly grown at most of the homes. The question was how do they survive. How do they get energy? How do they get food? From where do they get other minerals?

The process of photosynthesis was discussed. The question was raised by @Komal Singh from the Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal that do this plant needs food?
It was answered that plant produces its own food, the question was asked do they consume their own food? Or do they perform respiration.

Plants do perform respiration in which they utilize their own food in respiration to produce ATP.

Further the question was asked what is photosynthesis, how do plants survive on photosynthesis? do they produce energy during photosynthesis.

The experiment was designed to check if plants survive with only sunlight and water without any nutrients or soil.
One set up can be kept in direct sunlight with water and other set up in complete darkness where there is no sunlight and kept covered.

This experiment will help us to know if the plant produces energy and survive with sunlight?

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Summary of Chatshaala Discussion:-:smiley:

  1. Common household plant ‘Money plant’ as a context for Food-Energy Production and utilisation in plants!!:thinking::flushed:
    Pawar sir from Amravati Maharashtra joined the CUBE CHATSHAAL discussion and shared his experience with the money plant at his home.
    He went to Pune from 15-25th May 2025 and before going he dipped the branch of the plant in water and after coming back from Pune he discovered that roots have been developed.
    2) Money plant don’t require direct sunlight so how are they able to propagate inside home and indirect/diffused sunlight?
    This question was raised and we discussed the light spectrum and the general understanding of photosynthesis.
    How do plants produce food and more importantly utilize it for themselves? Is ATP or ATP like molecule produced in the processes like C3 and C4 cycles where they produce glucose-like molecules?:thinking:

Experiment to find if money plant can sustain itself in different light conditions
Set-up 1)
In 2 cups 2 Money plants each will be kept in Direct sunlight in water
Set-up 2)
In 2 cups 2 Money plant with water will be kept in shady place
Set-up 3)
In 2 cups money plant will be kept in absolute darkness.

The money plant in absolute darkness and direct sunlight will die in around 2 weeks and money plant kept in shady place will sustain.
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To add some more inputs to these set of experiments and to encourage making this plant into a model system for a variety of experimental investigations.

  1. Grow the plant in distilled water to check the source of minerals.
  2. We have seen the plant develop very large leaves when it grows on top of a tree. Is this plant capable of becoming an ectoparasite (sourcing food directly from the phloem of the trees).
  3. Try growing the plant on moist walls. The roots of this plant adhere nicely to the wet walls as well.
  4. Grow the plant in less humid conditions to check, if the roots are capable of absorbing humidity from the air?

Good article about the role of Epipremnum aureum’s aerial roots to absorb moisture, air exchange, and also providing stability to plants by attaching to support.

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