How Fire Extinguisher Works?

"Fire Is A good Servant But a Bad Master ", Ever Heard That ? U know what It means ?
It Means Fire as A servant , Serves Very Well , But as a Master , Out Of control , It will Kill You

But Have you Ever Wondered How Bonfire Is Extinguished Before You Are going To sleep In the Tent ?
I will Answer and Explain Everything In the Paragraph Further

Basiclly , Fire is the product from a chemical reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and some sort of fuel .
So , Fire is Made up Of 3 Basic Elements :


If One Of them Is Removed , The Fire is Extinguished , Hence This is a Way to extinguish Fire

Some Fire Extinguishers Contain Water , Carbon-Dioxide , Some contain Some sort Of foam , Etc.
In the Classic Red Extinguisher , There is Is A container Of Highly Compressed Gas , When we Remove The pin and Force the Handle The container Bursts and The Extinguisher Chemical Is burst Out Due To High Inner Pressure , Thus The Chemical Comes Out , And does it works , Extinguishes The Fire .

So , If we Use water pipe As shown in Fire trucks , Water Cuts the Contact Of Fuel with Oxygen and Lowers The Temperature , Hence Extinguished
If There is Carbon-Dioxide , It is Heavy So it replaces The Oxygen Atoms And Cuts The Contact , Thus Extinguishing it Again

Just Like these Examples , This Is how Fire Extinguishers Works

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