How human infants learn to associate objects to their pleasurable activities

human infant
9 months old

I have a baby cousin sister. She lives in Pune whereas I live in Mumbai, but our mothers talk almost everyday through video calls. At this point as soon as she hears the video call ringtone she starts screeching out of excitement as she would get to talk to us. She also gets very excited when she sees a phone screen near probably thinking that it is like a portal to us. Similarly, since she’s a quarantine baby she spends most of her time indoors but whenever anyone in the house comes in her line of sight with a mask on she gets so excited that she starts screeching out of joy. She associates the mask with her being able to go out with that particular mask-wearing adult. It is quite interesting to see how quickly she can understand the importance and relation of the objects to an activity that she enjoys doing.


Good observation! We come across such narratives every day but fail to take note of it.

‘What develops through the early years of learning is the child’s knowledge base, their metacognition (i.e. their awareness of and ability to control their own cognitive activity) and their abilities to self-regulate…The development of language is central to the whole process as a symbolic and abstract system.’

Do give this a read from page 4 & keep posting such observations here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1: :+1:

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