How Potato is Revolutionizing Homes and Labs?

Enas from Ayodhya, Uttarpradesh has done marvelous work by using Potato slices to grow bacteria at home.
Bacteria are known to grown in liquid medium such as food when it gets spoilt like dal spoilage in kitchen, but if we want to study bacteria, we need to grow bacteria. For growing bacteria inorder to study it we need solid base medium which in labs agar is used, however Enas has used potato slices as solid medium on which bacteria, fungus, and yeast too can be grown. Bacteria from curd sample when streaked on potato slices forms separate isolated colonies of bacteria, this colony is derived from a single bacteria (as they reproduce asexually by binary fission) and hence each colony is one species of bacteria or yeast. We can get several isolated separate species of bacteria or yeasts by this method. We can later pick up a single species of bacteria and grow it as a single pure species to study it separately, in this way potato slices can help us to separate and isolate bacterial/yeast, or fungal species and have there pure culture.

Potato slices method can help us to do microbiology at home as well as labs in a non-sophisticated manner.


Bacterial/Fungus/Yeast colonies on Potatoes slices prepared by Enas


Yeast colony on potato slice with representative pictures of yeast colonies


Why do we use potato only?

What else you can think of as a medium? @_Seema_11