How to build a drone?

Viraj wants to build a drone. This thread is to plan and do things further.


What all things do we need to build a drone?

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Hi @CuriousVidhi,

Today, @shitalsalunke2503 (Viraj), @Ashish_Pardeshi and I discussed a brief intro about this.
We started making a list of things, but are yet to completely identify all the needed things and the specifications. @shitalsalunke2503 showed us his motors and attached a fan to it (We are looking forward to his motor and fan put together!).

Please join us in the afternoon at 3:30 (Mon-Fri) at to talk more.



Are we making a RC drone?

Firstly we should make a list of things that are needed to build a drone. And also, I want to know the uses of the things on the list as I am new to this :sweat_smile:

Which material will be used for the frame? Which battery will you use?


@CuriousVidhi this is a great question for planning the design part.

I think here we should link the weight as one of the important parameter to decide the material for frame and also need to equally account the strength as per application.

Also batteries should weigh less but capable of delivering more power for longer run.

For frame material how about Carbon Fiber?
And for Batteries how about Lithium Polymer Batteries?


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