How to collect the pollens and observe

How to collect the pollens and observe

We will use a very simple method to collect and observe pollen.

What we need

You need a tape, a microscope and a glass slide.


Just open the flower, locate its anthers and use the sticky side of the tape to collect the pollens by touching the tape to the anther. Then paste the tape on a glass slide and observe it under a microscope.

If you collect flower of a plant whose name you don’t know you can use various mobile apps like Google lens, PictureThis or inatutist to identify the plant by showing the apps the picture of the plant/or leaves and certainly flowers.

Are you suggesting that by just clicking the picture of pollen grains of a plant enables us to identify the plant, through an app?

edited the last sentence. would this work?

Yes, now it makes more sense.

No. Picture of flower or leaves can be used to identify

Can we not know the plant from its bark or stem?

Only if the bark or stem has either flowers or leaves