How to make a simple lamp at home

Hello everyone ! today i am going to give u tutorial for making a simple lamp .
so ,its very easy to make a lamp u just need is 4 things
1 ) A Long transparent plastic container (You can use a simple plastic container also)
2 ) A small artificial plant ( this will give look beautiful with light)
3 ) A led light(for making lamp)
4) ONE 9V battery (for lightning the lamp)
Now , you have to fill the plastic container1/4 with limca coldrink . with the help of limca bubbles will come and it will look like small crystal balls at night .

Sorry but i have not clicked any pictures really sorry for that .
After filling limca u have to fill water in container .
Now u have to put artificial flowers in the container.
The final step is to attach led light with 9v battery positive terminal with positive and negative with negative .
After this your led light will start.
Now put led light in the container and close the lid.
Insure that water is not leaking .
hurrah lamp is ready .