How to make a simple stethoscope at home

For this stethoscope, You require:

  1. Funnel
  2. Transparent pipe ( Is used in construction works)
  3. Lighter
  4. Medium sized balloon


  1. Heat the transparent tube using the lighter and fix it on smaller mouth of the funnel.

  1. Now cut the balloon from the broader part and fix it tightly on the larger mouth of the funnel.

          You Are All Set!
  1. Now put the broader part of the funnel with the balloon on the middle of the chest, slightly tilted towards the left. It is recommended not to have a wider layer of cloth on the chest while using the stethoscope.
  2. Now put the other end of pipe in your ear and you can hear your heartbeat!

Thanks for reading till the end😊


If you can. can you send the sounds of heartbeat taken from this.


Great! What is the application of the stethoscope ?


I tried it but the mic is not able able to catch the sound of the heartbeats. It can only be heard if we put the pipe in our ear.

I have also attached this small earphone earpud on the pipe using tape because the pipe irritates the inner lining of the ear. Now I can keep the pipe in my ear for much more time.