How To Measure Nail Ink Mark Length, Using ImageMeter?

How To Measure Nail Ink Mark Length, Using ImageMeter?

Download ImageMeter app using following link:

-Open ImageMeter app
-Select a double headed arrow icon in
imagemeter app


-Place arrow from starting point and draw
a line till ending point. Example of measuring
length from bottom end to tip of nail is given

-Once you draw the line, you get reading of
measurement of that length automatically
-This is how you can measure distance
between any two points using imagemeter
-Upload the photo of nail ink mark in
ImageMeter app and measure length from
bottom end of nail to voter’s ink mark,
following these steps

Don’t we have to calibrate ImageMeter? How does it know if it is a finger or a tree?

Exactly! Also, won’t the reading change depending upon the picture? If the distance of taking picture changes in next picture, so will the reading. I guess keeping a scale besides the finger will help in calibration.

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Please refer the following link, it has procedure with calibration of imagemeter

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