How to transfer gene into a cell? Cardamine Floral Bud method of Genetic Engineering

How to perform genetic engineering?

Today we discussed how the gene need to enter in the germ cells which form zygote, if they enter in somatic cells of flower then the genes cannot be passed to next generation. As only germ cells of flowers are responsible for formation of seed, they only need to be transformed with the gene so that its transfered to next generation.

There was a question from @Kishan Gupta that how the gene will insert in the cell and DNA, @shalinisharma98 explained that normally in the genetic engineering the restriction endonuclease enzymes are used to cut DNA of vector plasmid and then desired gene is ligated in a plasmid to transfer it to cells.
But in this floral bud method we are not using any enzyme. In this process, we just use detergent to loosen up the cell and Plasmid containing Kanamycin gene is used to dip the floral bud of cardamine. As the cell membranes are loosened up the desired plasmid with Kanamycin gene can enter through the pores of Cardamine germ cells followed by recombination with the normal cellular DNA.

The seeds can then be taken up and grown on a selective medium containing Kanamycin. Those seeds which will grow on Kanamycin medium are genetically transformed seeds.