Ideas for sustainable living from a recent design expo

Ideas for sustainable living from a recent design expo

I recently went to a design expo and brought back a few of the ideas to share here.

  1. The first is for tiles that can be formed into different shapes to not just protect walls and provide sound proofing, but also to serve as containers, for example, for plants. This is because instead of a thermoset resin, a thermoplastic is used to infuse the kraft paper allowing shaping of the tiles

Here is a video with more info on the ECHO SOUND wall tiles

ESAD BID8-ProjFLEXCOMP-190928 from Jeremy Aston on Vimeo.

  1. How about a study desk for children that can be folded and carried, and also arranged with other similar desks in various configurations

  1. A stool with a slight grade in its supports allowing it to tilt forward and backward, thereby providing better support and alignment for the spine

  1. Concrete blocks with interlocking channels that block airflow, thereby requiring no mortar to fix them

  1. And finally, an upcycled backpack made from a used cement-bag. This is perhaps my favorite. I guess one could use those big plastic filament bags as well, the ones usually used to pack wholesale grains, vegetables and other material.