Ideas for tool storage organzier - Wood Wednesday

Ideas for tool storage organzier - Wood Wednesday

Hi Everyone

Tomorrow we are meeting to make toolbox. We need to make an enclosed compartment inside which we can have power tools organised.

This looks neat

We can improvise and take inspiration from here and design our customize toolbox. Also, we can incorporate and complete the following challenge too!



Can I too join you all :sweat_smile: actually @ravi sir I’m interested in wood work too and I want to work at least once with such stuffs. If you all have no issue can I too join ? :yum:

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Definitely Uday!
Looking forward to your participation.

Ohhh thanks a lot sir …just tell me the time and I’ll lovingly join you all.:yum:

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Me too. I would love to join you’ll.

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Lets design a wooden Rack (using dovetail joints) for storing all our Power and Other tools. I fell in love with Dovetail joint, what a piece intelligence it is and has been in practise for so long time by the community.

Really thankfull to @punkish for recommending it to be used into design.

Okay! so we can start making a skeleton of wooden rack and adding shelves to it, keeping few shelves at flat 90 degree and keeping one shelf little elevated.


Here all the joints are dovetail joints, initially skeleton can be made and later on adding shelves followed up by adding walls and doors to it and may also add wheels to it.

This will be really challenging for all of us to building this with dovetail joints while synchronising all four sides.

Lets understand and explore the mathematics involved in dovetail joints.

lets discuss this design.

Happy Wood Working!