Identification of Drosophila melanogaster

Identification of Drosophila melanogaster

We had done identification Of Native flies From our single line culture SL-K
Following are the characteristics which we observed

  1. 2 breaks on coastal vein
  2. Incomplete subcoastal vein
    Bristles on the head -
  3. Presence of ocelli triangle and a pair of bristles called convergent post ocelli bristles
  4. 3 pairs of bristles : 1 pair in the forward direction and 2 pairs in the backward direction
  5. Presence of arista - branch of antennae

And We Found Same Characteristics In Our Native Culture So we conclude that It belongs to Drosophilidae Family

Reference - Quick Identification Guidelines 2013 - Oregon State university.


Soon we will Post The picture… Since we are not able to post it now…

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Are these characteristics for identifying whether the fly is from Drosophilidae family or to identify a particular species ,D.melanogaster ? Please be specific while saying because above you compared native ones with CsBz ,

it means if native ones are similar to CsBz they are D.melanlgaster, ryt? And not just belonging to Drosophilidae family.


Yes this characteristics are of family Drosophilidae
As we Already know that CsBz belong to Drosophilidae family ,we compared our native flies with Csbz…

We have not yet identified D. melanogaster

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You got some links and documents to identify different species of Drosophila…can u please post them here… @Isha_23 @hellboy (Vedant) @AditiKale


Protocol For identification of Fruitfly

-Transfer some flies in a test tube and cover it with a cotton plug dipped in ethanol.

  • Flies becomes unconscious with in 10 mins as they become hyperactive, and then they lose coordination and fall over.
    -Then after with the help of Forceps and paint brush remove one fly take it on a slide and observe it under dissecting microscope.

The diagnostic characteristics for family Drosophilidae

wing pattern
Includes presence of
-Incomplete subcostal vein
-Two breaks in the costal vein

  • A small anal cell in the wing

Bristles on head
-Convergent postocellar bristles.
-Three frontal bristles on each side of the head, one directed forward and the other two directed rearward.
-Presence of arista ; branch of antennae

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The reference for the same:

@Isha_23, can we get the original link as a cross reference?


How about identification of the Genus characteristics of Genus Drosophila?

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