Incubator design project

Incubator design project

I am designing Incubator. I want to share design of Incubator


Incubator circuit diagram.


What part of the incubator is this?

It is only connection which is in the incubator

Means connection of electronic components

What is the function of this circuit?

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It converts electrical energy into heat energy and give heat to the eggs

Which part in the circuit converts electrical energy into heat energy?

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Also draw the circuit diagram of motor and heater…How HEATER is connected to temperature controller? How much voltage is required for controller?

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All over circuit converts electrical energy into heat energy

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Not necessarily. A LED converts most of the supplied energy into light.
While electronic components do produce heat, it is not the intended purpose for most components.

In this case none of the components shown in the circuit diagram are intended to produce heat.


But sir hum ne to led use hi nhi kiya hey is circuit mey


@Priyan very happy to see your post. Keep asking questions. That is the only way to learn.

Magar woh circuit jiska schematic aap ne post kiya, LED / Motor / Heater / Speaker ko bhi power de sakat hain na. Isliye woh circuit sirf ek part hain incubator ka. This type of circuit is common to all electronic projects and has a specific name.

It is called a Power Supply.
Each component in the circuit has a specific physical shape. Please post pictures of each component with their name.
Each component in the circuit has a specific task or function. Can you state it’s function?



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Yes sir but wo component lab Mey hey hm jab lab Mey jayenge tab post karungi



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Ok. Post when you go to lab.

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