Incubator for culture media

It is a Cardboard box incubator, for microbiology project. ( Mask, Mask Who’s There!)
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we make a cardboard incubator it is really very easy, you make it at home.
It’s made of a small cardboard box with a light bulb.

Incubator provide a control environment in order to promote the growth of microbes.

This incubator maintains optimal Temperature, humidity.


Can you tell us

  1. How did you make the incubator, i.e. what are the steps.
  2. Please provide details on materials required. For example, what is that wattage of the bulb.
  3. What temperature are you trying to maintain the incubator at and what did you observe about the temperature maintenance. As I see, you do not have a temperature controlling knob or on/off system for the incubator, then how does the incubator “know” that it is at the correct temperature?
  4. How does the incubator maintain humidity and how did you check that?

This Is really Good , Can U explain The Process Of Making it . I thought Incubator is Really expensive And Difficult To make But the process will Help A lot

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Temperature controller and Humidity meter, makes sophisticated Incubator, little costly but would give reliable results and this is important in any scientific experiment. :smiley: Tx

Make your own incubator


  1. Cardboard box
  2. Strong tape
  3. 9W Light bulb
  4. Box cutter knife
  5. Mercury thermometer
  6. Cup of water


  1. Use approx. 5-inch cardboard box.
  2. Meticulously close all openings of the cardboard box with tape.
  3. Trace the outline of a door on a piece of cardboard. Use a box cutter knife to cut the top, bottom and one side from the box.
  4. For placing the bulb on the cardboard box, make a hole in the box and fix the bulb. (We used 9 W bulb and its working).
  5. Place a cup of water inside the incubator to prevent media from drying out.
  6. Place the thermometer inside the cardboard box for measuring temperature. (For many microorganisms, the ideal temperature for incubation is 37 degree C).