Interactive Online Workshop with Teachers on Estimating in Microns

Enjoyed conducting a workshop of two online sessions on – estimating in microns – with Vigyan Pratibha teachers.
Teachers took keen interest when provided with exciting and challenging activities!

The following post already discusses about the article using two simple methods:

The recording with chats and discussions of both the sessions with the teachers can be viewed from the two links below:

13th July-

16th July-

The workshop started with contextualizing the need for learning to estimate the microns. Teachers were enthusiastically participating even in online sessions. Incidentally there was interest to estimate the size/ length of hair strands by most of the teachers. Following this session, teachers worked out assignments which were carried forward for the second session. This included activities related to estimating the images in textbooks that depict scale bar. This was followed by showing some interesting images and alive videos of microorganisms from the CUBE lab project.

I must say, that even in online session, it turned out to be quite an interactive session. Although, I would have really liked to interact face to face with teachers!