International Journal of Goof ups

International Journal of Goof ups

International Journal of Goof ups :crazy_face:

CUBE is launching a journal of goof ups, to highlight what are most common goof ups in biology.

Some of best goof ups can be awarded. :grin:

On the serious note, it could be an exercise to know which topics or concepts are most difficult to understand as well to handle in practice, while doing hands-on research .

Please list down which are most difficult concepts
according to you.


This is good opportunity to display the goof up done by the nematode group that is- to handle microscope, specially the dissecting one and we should be aware of the temperature as well when working with nutrient agar plates

  1. We always talk of feeding the Nematodes with the culture of e coli op50 but we should standardize the amount we are feeding them and moreover the correct reason of why we are using e coli op50 needs a proper explanation rather than typical rote learning

(This are the main goof ups done by Nematode group):sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Is it not that Goof-up happens when one attempts
to do something; especially, something New!
There can be Design Goof-ups. There are
goof ups due to oversight, negligence,
procrastination…and because of sheer laziness…

So, then how can goof-ups explain conceptual gaps…
? @jaikishan