Introduction to Moina

Have you ever come across animals or ‘keedas’ that jump inside water? This video introduces us to a prawn/crab-like tiny aquatic organism called Moina that is visible to our naked eyes. Watch out!

Picture of Daphnia

The conversation in this video below is on the industrial importance of Moina. It is used in fish farms as a live feed for the fish.

The below video takes us to the importance of Moina in a research point of view. It also shows a beautiful picture of a Mother Moina giving live-birth to its progeny. The protagonists have also discussed the lifespan as well as the lifecycle of Moina. This Conversation enables us to understand what is Moina and How Moina is different from Daphnia? How do they reproduce and give progenies? Why is Moina important in terms of research? A very easy method ro culture to Moina's in Labs or in Home Labs? How to get Dechlorinated water in order to culture Moina? The video below creates suspense around the reason behind the stark difference in the colour of two Moina. A hint was given that both were kept in different conditions. Stay tuned to find out what the conditions are!