Introduction to various model organisms - CUBE Kolenchery

Introduction to various model organisms - CUBE Kolenchery

On 2/8/2019, St Peter’s College Kolenchery, the various model organisms were introduced to the first year and second year Bsc students.

The students selected groups based on their interests and currently have two groups:
Earthworm and Drosophila melanogaster. The earthworm group will be working on regeneration in earthworm and ventral nerve cord regeneration while the Drosophila group will be working on the olfactory assay.


Didn’t the students get interested in plant systems or C.elegans or Moina? However, a very good start at St Peter’s College Kolenchery :clap::clap::clap: …Tell us about your further plans @Akshitha add the students here in STEM and share daily reports and plan of works.

Good work @Akshitha :ok_hand::+1:


Yes. Plenty were interested in Moina. We’ll start a Moina culture soon…and then we’ll have a Moina group as well :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yess…great…where will you be bringing the moinas from? And what will you be doing with those? Imean to ask the objective .

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We’ll be buying moinas from a nearby aquarium store. We’ll be producing red moina from colourless moina to understand epigenetics.

From a store ??? It means that you will have to first identify whether it’s a moina or so called daphnia ,if moina than which specie of if …is Moina macrocopa which is present in our HBCSE lab is not accessible to you ?