Invisible INK for secret messages🤫

Hello friends, During this lockdown are you also getting bored in the house? then try to explore various scientific things around you, and make something new out of it.:face_with_monocle: I had seen in many pictures and movies sending secret messages with using invisible inks.So, I tried to make a that type of ink myself.for that you have to take the following things:-

1.lime juice in a bowl
2.paint brush
3.a plane paper
4.a diya or a candle
Now, use dip your paint brush in the lime juice and write or draw something with it on the plane page .
After drying:-
Now light your diya or candle with the matchstick and slide the paper slowly slowly over the burning candle and you will observe that your writings or drawings are coming visible.
Now, try it to amaze your friends or to send them some secrets.


Can you use other common kitchen ingredients to make invisible ink?

Try the above method with sugar water.

Does the amount of sugar make a difference to legibility?